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Weekly Digest announced the publication of a special report on investment opportunities in the connection with the H1N1 "Swine Flu" Outbreak, including updated outlooks for Gilead Sciences, Sinovac Biotech, Dynavax Technologies, Hemispherx BioPharma (Amex: HEB), BioCryst Pharmaceuticals and several others. After posting large gains throughout 2009, swine flu stocks are seeing their largest pullback yet. For investors looking to position their portfolios for flu season, there are more ways to trade the flu than ever. Investors have large-cap pharmaceutical plays to choose from, and some of the more volatile, small-cap names have proven the efficacy of their drugs, while others are too far behind in their clinical trials to capitalize on the current pandemic. The report covers these topics and more recent reports: -- Which small-cap swine flu plays have a real chance o... (more)

Infor Acquires GRASP Systems International

Infor on Tuesday announced the completed acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Colorado-based GRASP Systems International, Inc. ("GRASP"), a leading provider of automated patient acuity, workload management, patient assignment systems and consulting services to healthcare organizations in the U.S. and Canada. GRASP's strong analytics and reporting capabilities will help Infor address the current cost-crisis occurring in healthcare, and deepen the Infor Healthcare suite by providing another leading solution to the market. "This acquisition will add value to our existing development efforts for Infor Workforce Management for Healthcare by leveraging information from Infor Cloverleaf and real-time analytics from Infor Care Path Optimization," said Duncan Angove, president, Infor. "Adding this functionality will enable health systems to go deeper than ever... (more)

Next Generation XML Search Engine Simplifies Searches

(August 22, 2002) - Tarius Interactive, a pharmaceutical knowledge management system based on XML architecture, has introduced the next generation of its Tarius Interactive search engine, which enables database users to search for phrases, synonyms, and keywords in an even more user-friendly way than before. Here's a quick rundown of the new features: Phrase matching: Pharmaceutical legislation and guidelines are full of frequently used phrases, such as "Good laboratory practice", "Adverse reaction", etc. Tarius will support searches for exact matches of these phrases. Search for acronyms and full expression: When searching for acronyms, users will also want to access documents that use the full expression instead of the acronym. For example a search for 'EA' will automatically include documents dealing with 'Environmental assessment'. Extended support for different... (more)

Building a Real-World Web Service - Part 1

The answer is yes; Web services can be used to conduct real business, and this series of articles will show you how. In this installment, the first in a three-part series, I'll show you how to conduct an e-business dialogue, explain RosettaNet specifications, and create a Web service definition based on RosettaNet messages. Your organization can benefit from this real-world Web service, read on to discover how. Are We There Yet? Are widespread Web services a distant dream? While some analysts claim that lack of security and maturity are the reasons that real use of Web services is about 5-10 years away, I believe that real Web services are much closer, and they offer us great opportunity even today; we just have to be smart and creative about them. Rest assured, Web services are not just a vague notion, they can solve problems today, and they offer attractive feature... (more)

Wi-Fi with Your Big Mac, Sir?

IBM thinks what you need with your Big Mac is Wi-Fi connectivity, so they are deploying access points in McDonald's restaurants across the U.S., starting in New York City. This is being done under the Cometa brand, the alliance between IBM, AT&T, and Intel on the technical side, with 3i and Apex providing the finance. Always keen to combine fast food with fast-network access, WBT's Editor-in-Chief, Bill Ray, tracked down Dean Douglas, VP for the Telecommunications Industry, IBM Global Services, to talk about Wi-Fi, burgers, and the problems of cleaning ThinkPads... WBT: So you're planning to deploy Wi-Fi hotspots in McDonald's restaurants - how many and where? Is the plan to eventually go in to every one, or just selected sites? What's the timeframe involved? DOUGLAS: Initially, we worked in conjunction with Cometa Networks to make Wi-Fi available at 10 McDonald's lo... (more)

Selecting the Right Mobile Device

One of the key mistakes an organization makes is thinking that one wireless device can satisfy the needs of the entire company. Here's advice on how to make the right choice for your company. In the quest to provide the "perfect" mobile solution, one of the most difficult exercises that a business or IT manager will face is selecting the device. Choosing the correct device or devices (such as BlackBerry, Palm, Pocket PC, Handspring, or others) is a challenge because if you pick the wrong one, your users will not use it. And if your users do not use the device, there will be no ROI (return on investment) and your project will be a failure. You have to consider a device's limitations. Many organizations build mobile software solutions and fail to take device limitations into account. As a result, they can't even roll out the solution. The proliferation of devices mak... (more)

PowerBuilder News - All things of interest to the PB community

POWERBUILDER PBL Peeper 10/13 - released version 2.2.06 of PBL Peeper with new features including command-line parameters for target and workspace files, XP style interface support, wrap text option for script/portion display, copy contents on browse page context menu, and a script processor to synchronize DataWindow data sets to the database. CoolMenu 10/13 - Aart Onkenhout released a beta version of coolmenu.dll that allows the developer to include images in the menu items for PowerBuilder applications. PBDoc 10/11 - PBDR released PBDoc v2.6.0 with full support for event documentation and a global function template. POWERDESIGNER Database Modeling 10/30 - Sybase announced that Gartner Dataquest has recognized Sybase PowerDesigner as the market-share... (more)

Admin Automation with wlshell

Wlshell is a tool designed specifically for WebLogic administrators. It combines the flexibility of a scripting language with the full control provided by the JMX interface. It is, therefore, a natural environment for the systems administrator. The units of work of the JMX specification - the Management Beans, or MBeans - are presented in wlshell in the familiar form of the file system and they look like files organized into directories and drive units. This user-friendly environment makes it easy to write scripts to automate daily administrative WebLogic tasks. Administrative Tasks Since the beginning of computing, automation has been one of the driving forces of innovation. A couple of examples are the adding machine developed by Blaise Pascal and the punch-card tabulator for the U.S. Census built by Herman Hollerith. Today, and in a more modest scenario, BEA WebL... (more)

Argus Plays Key Role in Together Rx Access Prescription Savings Program

KANSAS CITY, Mo., March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Argus Health Systems, Inc., a leading provider of pharmaceutical program services, announced its role in the Together Rx Access prescription savings program. Launched earlier this year by 10 leading companies, the Card is free and available to Americans who have no public or private coverage for prescription products, who are not eligible for Medicare, who meet certain income eligibility requirements and are legal U.S. residents. Argus plays a key role in the Together Rx Access prescription savings program and provides the delivery channel through a national network of retail pharmacies. The company also supports the program by providing financial management systems, pharmacy claims administration services, as well as the data capture necessary to enable effective administration, accountability and analysis. The Argus syst... (more)

etrials Unveils New Corporate Web Site

MORRISVILLE, N.C., March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- etrials Worldwide, Inc., the first company to offer fully integrated, easy-to-use eClinical software for the clinical trial process, today announces the unveiling of its new corporate Web site. The new site, available at , has been designed to reflect etrials' corporate focus on three key business units -- Clinical, CROs and Peri-Approval. etrials has refined its corporate focus with three, new business units, each designed to meet the unique needs found in clinical industry segments. The Clinical business unit will focus on addressing the needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies conducting Phase I to III trials. The CRO business unit will offer eClinical tools and services designed specifically for clinical research organizations and their clients. Finally, the Peri-Approval division wi... (more)

PowerBuilder Cover Story: Introducing Enable

What do you do if suddenly your application has to be used in another country, or even in different areas of the same nation? English and French are spoken in Canada; Italian, French, and German are spoken in Italy; and Switzerland has four official languages. These days, service requirements dictate that software has to speak the language of the end user, who may even be a member of one of the growing ethnic minority groups. As a PowerBuilder developer, you can now use Enable to make your applications multilingual. This solution allows you to maintain complete control over your executable at runtime, and without any duplication of the source code. End users and technical support personnel alike may well benefit from your application's new ability to change the active language dynamically. Enable, which tackles the technical and practical barriers to the development ... (more)